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Mobile IV Drip Services

We come to you

You don't have to navigate the busy streets of Bali to get your IV drip. 

Thanks to Fusion Wellness mobile IV service, you can receive an infusion of high-quality vitamins and minerals in the comfort of your villa or hotel. 

Whether you're suffering from the dreaded Bali belly...

Or if you had a big night out (we won't judge)...
Maybe you just want to take care of your wellbeing without leaving the couch?


Our goal is to leave you feeling much better without the downtime.

High Quality IV Drips

The All-In


The Biohacker

IV Photo Bio hack_edited.png

The Aftermath

IV Photo after math_edited.png

The Bali Belly

IV Photo Bali belly_edited.png

Great For:
Overall wellbeing

Immune boosting

Stress reduction

Improved cognition

Rp 1.600.000

Great For:
Cognitive function

Peak performance

Mood improvement

Better quality sleep 

Rp 3.100.000

Great For:
Improved recovery

Enhanced energy


Cognitive support

Rp 1.500.000

Great For:
Gastro upset relief

Deep rehydration

Boosted nutrition

Gentle detoxification

Rp 1.890.000

The Rona

IV Photo The rona_edited.png

Great For:
Improved recovery time
Supports tissue repair
Immune boosting
Reduced inflammation

Rp 1.200.000

The Anti-Ager

IV Photo Anti ager_edited.png

Great For:
Improved skin tone 
Cellular regeneration
General wellbeing
Replenishing vital nutrients

Rp 1.800.000

The Detox

IV Photo The detox_edited.png

Great For:
Reduces oxidative stress
Cellular and tissue repair
Immune boosting
Supports longevity


Rp 1.600.000

The Anti-Acne

IV Photo The Anti Acne_edited.png

Great For:
Acne reduction
Improves skin texture
Tissue repair
Cellular regeneration

Rp 4.500.000
(10 Sessions)

What Our Clients Are Saying

Such a great place for an IV treatment! Came here to boost my health after some intensive travels. The staff is super nice & professional, you will have a relaxing 40 minutes here in their comfy chair with a good book they provide :)

Who Are Fusion Wellness?

Fusion Wellness was founded with a single purpose: to empower people with the knowledge and resources they need to achieve optimal vitality and longevity. 

It’s our mission to shift people’s focus from treating sickness to enhancing wellness.


We want to inspire, motivate and educate people to take charge of their own well-being and become pro-actively involved in their own optimal functioning. 


To help serve our purpose, we offer a range of cutting-edge functional medicine advancements to help optimize wellness and longevity. This includes IV Therapy as well as a range of other treatments including NAD+ therapy, peptide therapy, stem cell therapy, ozone therapy and more. 

We also offer customized wellness protocols to assist with a range of beneficial outcomes for common ailments that conventional medicine seeks to mask, not cure. 

Book your mobile IV appointment now, or come visit us at our Canggu, Ubud, or Uluwatu locations. 

We’re looking forward to serving you. 

We provide advanced health optimization protocols for individuals looking to supercharge their longevity and achieve their best level of health and wellness. 

Connect With Us

Tel: +62 812-3752-1662

Opening Hours: 9am - 6pm

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