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Adrenal stress (cortisol) and sex hormone (estrogen and progesterone) imbalances are the
crux of many of the most common health issues women and men experience.

From depleted moods and low energy levels, to slow metabolism and even decreased libido, if
you’re dealing with any type of lowered mood or struggling to lose weight, it may be time to get this test.

This simple at-home urine test measures your stress (adrenal) hormones, and female hormonal
levels to determine whether an imbalance in one of these key areas could be behind your symptoms.

DUTCH Test Kit (Comprehensive Hormone Testing)

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  • If you’re dealing with any type of lowered mood, metabolism or mojo, or suspect your adrenal or sex hormones may be contributing to your health issues, it’s time to get tested.

    We recommend this test for people who are suffering with:

    • Low energy
    • Low mood
    • Low libido
    • Weight gain
    • Puffiness / water retention
    • Anxiety / depression
    • Brain fog
    • Thinning, brittle hair
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