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In a world focused on curing sickness

we stand for promoting health


about us


About Fusion Wellness

In Western culture the medical industry is focused on curing sickness when it occurs, rather than promoting solutions for better health and thereby preventing sickness from happening in the first place. But as we all know, prevention is better than cure. We’re here to flip the script on the common narrative that when we get sick, the problem lies not with lost health, but with acquired illness. 

Because if light is the absence of darkness, sickness is the absence of health. 

It’s our mission to shift people’s focus from treating sickness to enhancing wellness. We want to inspire, motivate and educate people to take charge of their own well-being and become pro-actively involved in their own optimal functioning. 

We believe in being active participants in maintaining our optimal state where -

•    We have more energy for our family members.

•    We sleep better.

•    We are able to handle work-related stress with greater ease.

•    Our body weight and sexual function are balanced.

•    Our potential to earn a better income is greater.

•    We have more mental and physical energy for contributing to our                 communities in a functional and beneficial way.

It’s better for us, it’s better for our families, for our community, and the world in general.


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Fusion Wellness prides itself on providing high class treatments with quality ingredients. We have a variety of infusions formulated with ingredients that are found naturally in the body to help address a range of goals.



The All In will help you think clearer, sleep better & increase your energy & well being.



The ultimate recovery from anything that has left you feeling flat and in need of a pick up



Are you curios what's going on inside your body? We offer a broad range of blood & urine test markers



Fusion Wellness provides three very unique anti-aging treatments 



45-60 min vitamin drip full of all the goodness your body needs 



The Rona is the ultimate virus, cough, cold and flu prevention infusion.

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"What you focus on grows, what you think about expands, and what you dwell upon determines your destiny.”
— Robin S. Sharma 

"Great experience at Fusion Wellness. Due to the risk of infection I was initially concerned with have an IV drip in Bali. However, I was nicely surprised at the professionalism and infection control procedures carried out by the nurse. I have a small amount of medical training and I am familiar with gaining IV access and how this should be done safely."
"Already did 3 IV’s with them and they offer great service. Even got my parents on the IV to boost immuun system. High quality ingredients and nurses are super friendly and professional.
Highly recommended!"
"I'm halfway through my stem cell therapy. I must say the effects are beyond amazing. High energy levels, old injuries stopped bugging me, fast recovery, better sleep, my skin feels amazing, sex drive in an all time high, concentration, memory and mood all super good. Fusion wellness is a must go while in Bali, very clean, great service and the nurses are lovely
Thank you so much!"
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