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Meet The Owner
Barry Magliarditi

Barry Magliarditi is not your ordinary entrepreneur; he is a dedicated advocate for wellness, a seasoned business advisor, a medicine man, a visionary investor, and a bestselling author. His remarkable journey into the world of wellness and longevity is deeply rooted in his battles with health and well-being.

From the outset, Barry demonstrated maverick tendencies by launching his first business at the tender age of 18. Through the highs and lows of multiple entrepreneurial ventures, he honed his expertise in building and scaling businesses with remarkable efficiency.

Over the years, Barry ventured into many businesses across multiple business sectors serving entrepreneurs in business growth, finance, outsourced talent, marketing, and more. His unwavering commitment to his principles led to the rapid systemization and growth of these enterprises, as detailed in his bestselling book, "The Path to Freedom."

In 2021, Barry found himself at a crossroads with financial success and smoothly operating businesses. He heeded a deeper calling—both in his professional and personal life. Drawing upon lessons from his second book, "Sex, Drugs, and Radical Self-Expression," Barry began harnessing his intuitive abilities, charting a course that resonated with his heart.

His journey led him to a profound realization: the key to holistic balance and success lies within—our "inner game." This awakening prompted Barry to redirect his passion toward helping others elevate their quality of life through enhanced health and wellness. As he delved deeper, opportunities emerged to challenge the prevailing narrative of Western healthcare.

Embracing a heart-centered approach and trusting his intuition, Barry embarked on a mission to disrupt conventional attitudes toward health. He launched several wellness-focused businesses aimed at enhancing wellness rather than simply treating sickness. One of his flagship projects, Fusion Wellness, pioneers cutting-edge anti-aging and health-enhancing protocols, including peptides, stem cells, exosomes, and blood ozone therapies at its Indonesian flagship center.

Today, Barry resides between Bali and Costa Rica, dedicating his time to creation, writing, developing new projects, and cherishing moments with his fiancee and children. 


In Western culture the medical industry is focused on curing sickness when it occurs, rather than promoting solutions for better health and thereby preventing sickness from happening in the first place. But as we all know, prevention is better than cure. We’re here to flip the script on the common narrative that when we get sick, the problem lies not with lost health, but with acquired illness. 


Because if light is the absence of darkness, sickness is the absence of health. 

It’s our mission to shift people’s focus from treating sickness to enhancing wellness. We want to inspire, motivate and educate people to take charge of their own well-being and become pro-actively involved in their own optimal functioning. 

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